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Director's Circle

$90,000 +

Arapahoe County Council of SCFD

Standing Ovation

$10,000 - 89,999

Douglas County Council of SCFD

Perfect Pitch

$1,000 - 9,999

Adams County Council of SCFD

Kathryn Ake


Julie Burt

Margie and Roger Camp

Catherine and Stephen Collins

Craig Christensen and Mary Maiers

Jennifer Codon

Alison Derbenwick Miller and Kurt Miller

Emily Frisby Endowement of the Arts

Fine Arts Foundation

Paul and Susan Gallagher

Carole Metzger Hedrick

David Lake

Sue Lapierre

Alec and Melissa Lee

Barbara Lyons

Susan McBrayer

Sandra and Davis McCarty

Modern Floorworks (Julie and Jeff Currier)

Mary Fran and Tim O’Connor

Monica Rosenquist

Sarah C Schumann

Mary Lou Soward

Loreen Thornburg

Workshop Estates (Julie and Jeff Currier)

Hallelujah Chorus



Tracy Ayers

Bruce Baker

Casey Bergeron

Carin Blessinger

Barbara Bush

Paul Caldwell

Frances Cost

Cucina Designs

Pauline Daghlian

Randy and Lisa O’Dell Davis

Luann Dodge

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Greg Eurich and Katy Miller

Daniel Grace

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Sarah Harrison

The Herold Family

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Nadean Krause

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Katherine McMurray

Dan and Michelle Miller

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Elizabeth Nelson

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Team Rissmiller

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Jim Vaughters

Dawn and Mark Swift

Laurie Thompson and Jon Loe

The Vander Ark Family

Jim Vaughters

The Watts/Allen Family

Mary L. Wenkheimer

Bruce and Monica Weston

Gary Wisher

Amy Younts


$500 - 999

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The Glidden Family

Chrys and Neil Harris

Steve and Dorothy Higgs

Sally Roebke

Barbara and Jim Wightman


up to $99


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Michael and Lisa Barker

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Nancy Calkins

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Simon Karl Harrison

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Jackie Ives

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