We are Proud of

Our YVC Alumni

Jenessa Tofield Overman

"There is nothing like being a part of something greater than oneself.”

Elise Collins - YVC Lifelong Singer
Actor, Producer, Director, Working on Master's Degree in Arts Management and Business

“YVC was an immersive part of my growing up and has shaped the woman I am today. Not only did I gain the technical training to hone my voice into a true craft, but I also was exposed to multiple leadership opportunities and chances to travel abroad. I made life long friends and cherish the memories I have of sharing stages from Denver to Budapest, Hungary.”

Erica Rasquinha - YVC Lifelong Singer
Attorney Advisor, Executive Office of Immigration

“My involvement with Young Voices of Colorado truly helped define my lifelong journey as a musician. My skills in sight reading, part singing, musicianship, teamwork, and leadership were developed and honed through my children's choir experience. Weekly rehearsals, concerts, and travel opportunities gifted me a lifetime of memories and song that I carry with me as a choir director today. I feel so fortunate that singing in Young Voices was such an integral part of my childhood. Without my time in YVC, I would not be the musician and teacher I am today!”
Amy Polete Parry
YVC Lifelong Singer
Music Teacher
Director, Young Naperville Singers
"Being in choir has taught me a vital lesson. Music brings people together. It's a form of communication that we can all understand. It just has the quality that binds people together in singing a simple song together, and just having a good time. In fact studies have shown that when people sing together, their heartbeats sync and all beat at the same time. But I think nothing explains the binding aspect of music more than this quote by Hans Christian Andersen. "Where words fail, music speaks."
Andrew Kwon
YVC Lifelong Singer
CU Student
US Army
“While being in choir has taught me more things than I can count, I think the most important lesson was what commitment really means. Coming to choir was never optional, it was always vitally important to not only show up, but contribute. There is nothing like being a part of something greater than oneself, and choir has taught me that this greatness can only be achieved when everyone involved puts forth their best effort. Only when everyone was fully committed were we able to create and build something beautiful together. As I go forward in life, I know that I will never underestimate the power of my own commitment, and the joy of seeing the result of that decision.”
Jenessa Tofield Overman
Elementary School Teacher
“So grateful to have been a part of YVC.”
Tommy Boynton
YVC Alumnus
Currently lead singer and bass player for The Four Freshmen

“My 7 years in YVC impacted my desire to become a choir director and be a team player wherever I go. Some of my best memories are of the Hawaii 2013 and Europe 2015 (I sang a solo in Notre Dame!) and of Sing A Mile High 2015 when Addie and I made the Beyonce medley for skit night. I am studying Music Education and Applied Mathematics and hope to soon become a choir director!”

Kimean Stucki - YVC Lifelong Singer
Aspiring Choir Director - Student at Metropolitan State University of Denver

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