Samantha Kelly

First Voices Director (South Suburban Rec Centers)

Samantha Kelly has taught music in Littleton, Colorado, for the past ten years. She primarily teaches general music at Gudy Gaskill Elementary School in the Littleton Public School District (LPS) while teaching private lessons at home. Before Gaskill, she taught in LPS at Moody, Franklin, Highland and Twain Elementary Schools. Samantha’s passion for music began at a very young age when she taught herself how to play piano by ear. A few years later, when her father passed away, singing and writing music became an outlet and savior in her life. Now, Samantha tries to help other children see the power of music and singing in their lives. She holds two cachelor’s degrees from the Metro University of Denver in music education and music composition and a master’s in educational technology from Walden University. In her free time, you can find her playing with her two children at home or hiking with the family on a nearby trail. She also likes to travel with her husband, Sean, to cities they have never been to.

Samantha is thrilled to join the Young Voices team and continue to spread the joy of music and singing to children.

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