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Celebrating 30 Years of YVC Choirs with a VIRTUAL GALA

Dear Young Voices Parents,

Welcome to the (almost) beginning of our new semester! Our staff dearly loves our interaction with you and your children, and it has been a long journey for us to develop a plan to return to “normal”—although we know that “normal” may not happen for a long time. Nevertheless, we have worked hard, and we will do whatever it takes to provide a safe learning environment for the fall.

August will be a time for putting the final touches on our refreshed music studio! As you can see from the attached photograph, the purple room has been emptied, repainted and thoroughly cleaned. If you would like to come in to view our progress and collect your child’s award from the last semester, please reserve a time on the Sign Up Genius we will post in a couple of weeks. We will limit this “open house” to one family at a time. Masks are now required statewide by law and will be required in our building at all times.

A distinct advantage of entrusting your children to Young Voices is that we have our own building, and we are restricting our space to our singers only. Sorry, parents, but only the students will be allowed in our indoor spaces after we begin rehearsals, as we want to keep our numbers to a bare minimum. We have purchased and installed four new ionization units for our HVAC and added MERV 13 filters to the system. With our existing excellent air exchange rate, shortened rehearsals and time between classes, we will have the best air quality possible.

In-person rehearsals will be held either inside or (possibly) outside in much smaller groups for the recommended 45-minute duration. This is not only safer but also more efficient for teaching as it greatly lowers the student-to-teacher ratio. All members will wear their personal mask as mandated by the state of Colorado and a face shield that we have purchased for them. In addition to in-person learning, music skill-building and theory will be held online until we can safely resume our old schedule, as we want to maintain our status as “the best singing music education in the state.”

Rehearsals will begin on Monday, September 14th, and families who have paid the deposit by August 1 will receive a Sign-Up Genius invitation from Anya on Monday, August 3, to choose their preferred rehearsal time

Remember that if you have experienced a recent financial loss, we will dig deeper to find scholarship money for you. Please email me if you need more information on that. Also please email me with any other concerns or questions.

Again, we are thrilled to know that we will be together soon! 

Chrys and the YVC Team

Dear YVC Parents and Friends,

I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all parents and students who continued their music education and involvement with YVC last semester, and we hope it was fun and interesting for all.  The entire board of directors would  like to thank the entire staff led by Jena, Chrys and Margie for their diligent, tireless and heroic efforts to keep the programs vibrant and fulfilling for so many of you.  They have truly gone above and beyond what so many other choirs have been able to do, in my opinion, to educate themselves on technology, teaching techniques and best practices during this incredibly difficult time

As we’ve talked to our friends at choirs across the country, we know we are blessed to have our own facility in which to be able to continue providing choir and music to our students.  So many others meet in schools or churches that have had to be closed, and therefore no choir.

And, perhaps like you, we also have experienced the financial impact of the pandemic.  While we did qualify and attained a PPP loan, we suffered great financial impact with the cancellation of 2020 Sing-A-Mile-High which provides a huge source of income to the choir.  And, as expected, enrollment is down for next year, and the usual grants for which we are able to apply are also decreased due to the pandemic.

Of course, expenses remain the same.  And new expenses are being realized through the need for these things:

  • upgraded air filtration in the building
  • off-site storage space for all un-needed equipment
  • cleaning products and paint
  • face shields for each singer
  • thermometers for each door, and more

Investments we still need to make:  Technology (cameras, mics and recording equipment) to stream occasional rehearsals and more cleaning products!

But, in the spirit of “we’re all in this together,” I want to assure you that we will have choir in the fall to continue to provide the very best in singing and music education possible, in the safest way possible. Parents have expressed to us that the kids enjoy the programs and the sense of community, and we truly appreciate that you entrust your children to us for this experience.

As we go into the fall, please know that the staff is working extra hard to do the following:

  • Learn the new technologies necessary to maintain classes and community
  • Plan flexible scenarios that will help you
  • Plan to teach some online and some in-person classes
  • Limit classes to very small numbers, doubling or tripling the number of classes taught
  • Look for technology to connect our singers with other singers around the US and the world
  • Clean choir rooms, moving out furniture and equipment to make way for social distancing
  • Clean bathrooms and hallways for safety

The board of directors will be providing additional scholarship dollars this year to encourage those in need to enroll in choir.  We want to help to ensure that every child who would like to sing and participate in the YVC program can do so.

I would ask and encourage you to become a season supporter of YVC so that we can continue the wonderful music experience that we have provided to children for 30 years.  And watch for a 30th year anniversary celebration information coming soon-despite Covid, we will find a way to celebrate this amazing milestone!

Your support, intellectually, emotionally and if possible, financially is much appreciated!  I would welcome your comments via email if you have a question, comment, complement or concern.  You can reach me at

Thank you,

Kathryn Ake
Young Voices of Colorado, Board President

We have cleaned, painted and rearranged furniture to make our studios safe to have small ensembles during the pandemic. 

We have upgraded our HVAC system and are prepared for socially distanced rehearsals. 

Temperature checks, masks, face shields, outdoors as much as possible, hand washing and lots of care!

"Try It" Class

Thursday, July 8
Thursday, July 29

K-1st Graders

2nd - 5th Graders



Do you have a child who LOVES to sing but you would like to "try it" before you sign up? This is the perfect opportunity!

$25 fee that will be applied to your child's regular tuition if you register by August 7, 2021